Car audio processor

Rp 6.450.000,00


  • 8 channel input
  • 12 channel output
  • Digital input and output (Toslink)
  • Coax input (RCA)
  • Highest resolution, e.g. time delay in 0,02 msec/step
  • All settings in real-time
  • USB and optional BT adapter (MOS-BTM), for adjusting by PC, Android and BlackBerry (*) smart phone apps
  • Low-Level or High-Level input with auto-sense (only by High-Level)
  • Aux input with auto-sense for stereo signal
Rp 23.500.000,00




  • Inputs: Main RCA - Aux RCA - Optical

  • Input range: 300mV-4V*

       (*Input can be lower or higher but max

       sonic performance is in this range)

  • Optimum Input: 4V in for 5V Out @0dB

Rp 7.100.000,00

Stand Alone Processor


The Digital Signal Processor with 4 inputs and 6 outputs.
Available as DSP 4to6 and DSP 4to6 SP-DIF

Rp 7.600.000,00

Aux input and optical input
High input and low input

Input signal summing and conditioning
6 Channel input and 8 channel output
Digital electronic crossover, full, HPF, LPF, & BPF 6dB-48dB, 68 steps @20-20kHz
Time delay in 0,05 per step and up to 15 ms
31 band equalizer for every output channel

Rp 5.800.000,00

- High input & low input
- Input signal summing & conditioning
- 6 channel input & 8 channel output
- Digital electronic crossover
- User adjustable 10 band parametric EQ for every output channel
- Highest resolution time delay in 0,01 ms per step & up to 22 ms
- Aux 2 channel input & optical input

Rp 5.500.000,00
Analog Inputs 6 Ch. Differential in(RCA or speaker level in)
Digital Inputs Coaxial and TOS link
Input Sensitivity (Low Level) 28mV - 8V RMS
Input Sensitivity (Speaker Level) 72mV - 20V RMS
Autosense Turn on Yes (Speaker Level Ch 1&2)
Aux Input 1 3.5mm unbalanced input (Selectable)
Outputs 8 Channels RCA
Output Voltage 8 Volts
Rp 15.000.000,00
Controller type Digital (Specifically for the PS8)
Volume Control Capability Yes
System Muting/Unmuting Yes - All Channels
Fader Control Yes - Definable in the PS8 Software
L/R Balance Control Yes - Definable in the PS8 Software
Sub Level Control Yes - Definable in the PS8 Software
Crossover Control Yes - Complete (Damping, Slope, Frequency - All Channels)
Rp 7.000.000,00